[BlackWater Bay 2015] Registration and info

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[BlackWater Bay 2015] Registration and info

Post by Vince on Fri 22 May - 0:09

Hi all it's now time to officially open the registration for the greatest tournament in London!

A quick summary of the important information:
When: 25th-26th July, 2015
Where: Dark Sphere, 186 Hercules Road, London, SE1 7LD

Entrance fee
The entrance fee is:
- £15 for Saturday
- £6 for Sunday
- or £20 for both

Among other very cool prizes and goodies, the winner of the joust tournament will be awarded with free accomodation at Castle Stahleck 2015.

For more information about accomodation in London near the venue, please have a look below:
Several Hostels can welcome you near the venue for BlackWater Bay's weekend. Here is a non-exhaustive list of places:

Located near Elephant and Castle station, one stop away from Lambeth North (Dark Sphere's tube station).

University of Westminster International House
Located in walking distance from the venue.

You can also find a list of other hotels here

To register for the Battle of BlackWater Bay 2015, please fill in the form below

--> --> REGISTRATION FORM <-- <--

Baratheon  Greyjoy  Lannister  Martell  Stark  Targaryen

List of registered players so far:
Rheece K.
Vince T.
Nicolas B.
Yannick M.
Dave B.
Jack M.
Kostas A.
Jakob H.
Ryan K.
Marco G.
Darren C.
Rowan G.
Bryan B.
Luca M.
Stefano R.
Jamie Matthew C.
Ryan W.
Marek U.
Stefan F.
Ian P.
Carl S.
Kirsty E.
Thomas Laplante C.
James Wamma W.
Jamie Bambi B.
Tagore N.
Sam J.
Joseph Wallvor P.
Minko M.
Lacey H.
Romain "Le Veilleur" D.
James C.
Peter S.
Tom B.
Michael Cobra C.
Andreas A.
Lawrence C.
Jakob W.
Fiona H.
Joshua C.
Ashley E.
Callum "Wex Pyke" J.
Nikolay V.
Thijs M.
John P.
Mark T.
Conny R.
Matt S.

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