The Armies of Ser Addam

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The Armies of Ser Addam

Post by OldShrimpEyes on Fri 13 Feb - 18:35

Hi guys and gals,

Well the Lannister deck section is looking a bit lonely so I thought I would drop this in and gather some opinions. First, a bit of background.

I have always felt that Ser Addam Marbrand is one of those cards you look at when you first see it and think "Sweet! Non-kneeling armies!" and then realise that his ability is pretty hard to leverage. However, when I saw Aloof and Apart I did wonder if it might be worth giving him a second look. When I did, and realised he was "No Attachments", I thought I had struck gold and set about crafting a deck that would not only be an aggro dream, but also a really tough match up for anyone looking to win games by spamming Melisandre's Favor. The initial draft of the deck didn't have a single character of cost four and above able to take attachments.

Now with the new FAQ I don't feel this is as important and as a result the deck is slightly weaker for it. I have made one change, swapping the Fleet from the Arbor out for Lurkers at Harrenhal (who actually have better keywords and given the popularity of No Agenda at the moment they will usually be cheaper to play).

Anyway, this is the deck in its current form. Is it competitive? I don't know, but what I do know is it's the first deck I have ever built using Addam Marbrand that I think could work. So if anyone wishes to provide advice I would gratefully receive it.

Total Cards: (60)

House Lannister

Agenda: (1)
1x Aloof and Apart (Secrets and Schemes)

Plot: (7)
1x Breaking and Entering (Lions of the Rock)
1x Retaliation! (A Song of Silence)
1x Fallen from Favor (A Deadly Game)
1x Valar Morghulis (Core Set)
1x Cersei's Scheme (The Pirates of Lys)
1x The Power of Arms (Core Set)
1x All the Gold in Casterly Rock (Lions of the Rock)

Character: (35)
3x Ser Gregor's Dog (Forgotten Fellowship)
3x Greenseer’s Raven (Secrets and Schemes)
1x Zollo (Fire Made Flesh)
3x Lannisport Moneylender (Lions of the Rock)
3x Lannisport Weaponsmith (Core Set)
1x Janos Slynt (The Horn That Wakes)
1x Margaery Tyrell (A Turn of the Tide)
1x Ser Arys Oakheart (Princes of the Sun)
1x Ser Jaime Lannister (Lions of the Rock)
2x Ser Addam Marbrand (Lions of the Rock)
3x Ser Gregor's Band (Lions of the Rock)
3x King's Landing Guard (Fire and Ice)
3x Doubting Septa (Lions of the Rock)
1x Ser Kevan Lannister (Secrets and Schemes)
1x Tywin Lannister (The Kingsguard)
2x Tommen Baratheon (Scattered Armies)
2x Lurkers at Harrenhal (Core Set)
1x King Joffrey's Guard (The War of the Five Kings)

Attachment: (1)
1x Increased Levy (Lions of the Rock)

Event: (7)
3x You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf! (Core Set)
2x A House Divided (Where Loyalty Lies)
2x Condemned by the Council (A Time of Trials)

Location: (17)
1x Lion's Gate (A Song of Summer)
3x Pentoshi Manor (A Harsh Mistress)
1x The Iron Throne (Lions of the Rock)
1x Street of Steel (Core Set)
1x Street of Sisters (Core Set)
1x Shadowblack Lane (Core Set)
3x Sunset Sea (Kings of the Sea)
3x Golden Tooth Mines (Core Set)
3x The Goldroad (Core Set)

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