Wardens, Chap3

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Wardens, Chap3

Post by Vince on Thu 12 Feb - 12:34

Hi guys, looks like the 3rd chapter: The Valemen, will come out soon.

Agotcards already has a few spoilers:

Any thoughts? Am I the only one under the impression tha Martell cards are not that great in this cycle? And the moon door should the first stone of the really effective 3-cost hater cards, shouldn't it?

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Re: Wardens, Chap3

Post by OldShrimpEyes on Thu 12 Feb - 16:59

New Euron is on his way Very Happy

The Martell cards haven't been amazing, but I don't think many people will be upset about that. I instantly thought about some Sand Snake trait manipulation silliness when I read that card though.

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