Khal Ian Pollard

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Khal Ian Pollard

Post by Ian Pollard on Mon 9 Feb - 19:10

Well i think I am probably the oldest in our group (and sometimes I struggle to keep up with all you youngsters Very Happy )

Anyone who has played a game against me (and my paramours t shirt will agree) that I like Targ namely dothraki, I also have a liking for greyjoy and occasionally Stark.

I try to pull my own ideas out for decks and im sure that the Norwich lot will attest that sometimes it works but a lot of the times it doesnt (but I enjoy doing it).

well I will be active on these forums a lot more than on messenger (no laughing you lot)

Ian Pollard

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Re: Khal Ian Pollard

Post by Vince on Tue 10 Feb - 12:10

Welcome Ian \o/ !

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